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Opakmet company is a competent supplier of complex solutions for railway, medical, machine or construction industry. We work on the basis of sheet metal working, machining, and first and foremost, welding.

We manufacture products based on customer's documentation as well as our own designs prepared by our construction department. Since the very beginning our company is a family business using its many years’ experience  to build modern organization.


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History of the company

1982 Stanisław Barański at the back of his house opens a locksmith workshop producing bottle caps

1991 Production plant is transferred to a new location at Poznańska street 40 in Inowrocław

1994 Cooperation with Knauf PFT start - German potentate on the global building machines market

2007 Cooperation with Alstom Transport starts and the company is transferred to a new location at K. Marcinkowskiego street 110

2008 Certification of the welding process acc. railway standards - EN 15085

2014 Certification of quality system acc. International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS)

2017 Opening of a new hall with the total area of 2000 m2 to be used as a welding center

2020 Purchase of a new production hall of 3500 m2 at ul. Marcinkowskiego 121 in Inowrocław



Our headquarters



Opakmet Ltd partnership is a company with over 30-year experience in metal industry sector and a long-term supplier of complex welded goods for railway, medical and machine industry. We specialize in short-run and specific production requiring plenty of engineering work. We provide our customers with cold steel mechanical working technologies, thermal cutting, machining, welding and adhesive bonding.

Production Management

Since 2005 the company has been completely managed by ERP System REKORD. The software allows to plan production, supervise production process and monitor costs.

The system covers all areas within the company: starting from customer’s order, raw material ordering and reception through each single production step in details including all necessary control operations. The process is finished when completely manufactured and controlled product leaves the company to be delivered to the customer. Thank to this ERP System we were able to start cooperation with customers from automotive and railway business having the highest demands regarding their suppliers.

We also use a wide range of Lean Manufacturing tools in order to undergo the process of continuous improvement. Looking for opportunities of innovations is also our pursuit.

We put great emphasis on our employees' initiatives, therefore, we created a proper programme to gather improvement and implementation suggestions from our staff. Therefore, we constantly optimize our processes in order to limit the costs and improve working conditions.

Production technology

Our production technologies:

  • Welding
  • Cold sheet metal working on CNC machines
  • Machining on CNC machines
  • Assembly
  • Adhesive bonding
  • Powder and wet coating
  • Stainless steel passivation


We have own construction and design department. Our engineers work with Inventor and Solid Works software, on the basis of customer's documents and own designs. Our engineering staff includes specialists experienced in the field of welding, coating, cold sheet metal working and machining. Their task is to prepare technical documents, supervise special processes and optimize production processes.

Implementation of a new product starts with FMEA analysis which aim is to foresee and define critical points of future production process as well as to eliminate potential non-conformities during the process that may happen.

The key to success of our enterprise is the staff.

We try to meet the expectations of our employees by organizing trainings that enable to raise qualifications and broaden minds.

We create opportunities for internal development and even opportunities of acquiring a new profession. Our particular achievement is helping women to train in typical “men professions”. Over the last few years we trained quite a few women to become welders, painters and assembly workers.

All these actions are our way to build a well-organized team ready to face the most difficult challenges.

OPAKMET Limited Liability Company Limited Partnership is a company with over 40 years of experience in the metal industry.

We offer our clients technologies of cold forming (cutting, bending, punching, stamping), thermal cutting (laser and plasma), machining, welding and gluing. We have implemented the EN 15085-2 (CL1) standard for welding and DIN-EN 6701 (A2) for gluing parts to rail vehicles.

We want to assure our customers that before starting an order, we carry out a thorough analysis of product requirements to be absolutely sure that we have sufficient resources and technical capabilities to deliver a product that will meet the requirements of applicable law as well as technical and quality standards for product safety.

The Organization is also aware of the importance of the security of information processed in the Organization and creates conditions to ensure their security, inter alia, by securing financial resources and qualified personnel for their protection.
The organization undertakes to meet legal and contractual requirements related to information security, in particular in the field of regulations on the protection of personal data and classified information.

Our Mission is:
The overriding goal of our organization is the satisfaction of our customers based on the following principles, resulting from the ISO/TS 22163 standard:

  • manufacture of products that meet the highest quality requirements
  • timely execution of orders
  • continuous work on improving the organization and its processes
  • sustainable development through thoughtful investments
  • maintaining the highest health and safety standards

Our Vision is:
Organize the
OPAKMET company in such a way that it operates based on the latest technologies and the latest management system. Select a qualified crew in such a way and at the same time infect them with commitment, so that together we can implement the previously outlined direction.

Conscientious implementation of the above principles is our highest priority, and their effects are regularly monitored, which results in undertaking continuous improvement actions.

Inowroclaw, January 10, 2023

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Following the entry into force of new regulations on personal data protection, namely the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have updated our Privacy Policy in order to inform you which information we collect and why.

Our Privacy Policy is available for you at any moment at: click here

OPAKMET Limited Liability Company Limited Partnership is a company with over 40 years of experience in the metal industry. As part of this environmental protection policy, we declare and undertake to:

  • Fulfillment and observance of the requirements resulting from legal provisions in the field of environmental protection.
  • Running the production process without excessive environmental impact.
  • Rational use of electricity, heat and water.
  • Rational management of water as a natural resource.
  • Complying with all requirements regarding the use of the environment that are related to the company's operations.
  • Safe and responsible disposal of the generated waste.
  • Making every effort to prevent emergencies that may have a negative impact on the environment.
  • Education of employees and their involvement in activities conducive to environmental protection
  • Continuous improvement of the application of the environmental policy.
  • Creating permanent cooperation with proven suppliers.

The management and employees of the company have become familiar with this policy and undertake to implement it by setting and implementing environmental tasks and objectives resulting from this policy.

Inowrocław 03-01-2023

Opakmet Private Limited company, Limited Partnership declares that it manufactures products based on the requirements of our customers and in accordance with their technical documentation and specifications. Nevertheless, we evaluate and monitor substances in articles to ensure compliance with Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH) in cooperation with our suppliers.

If any substance contained in our products in a concentration higher than 0.1 wt. is included in the candidate list of SVHC (substances of very high concern) published on the website of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), Opakmet will immediately provide information about this substance to our customers

Inowrocław 03-01-2023


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